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born 1962.Living in Saarbruecken/Germany. Close to France and Luxemburg.

Between Paris and Frankfurt. Speaks fluent English and a little French.


Some Notes

I work as a photographer / videographer
worldwide For international customers.
And create new worlds with many photos of different themes by assembling them into collage-like works of art.

These photos are taken on many of my trips as
Photographer at home and abroad.

"After photography is before photography."


During a stay in Bali I started to digitally merge many of my photos into individual works.
For me, these so-called "digital paintings" are works of great compositional and colorful power and expand my previous pictorial/photographic creative power into a universe
in which architecture, landscape, nature and people create their very own cosmos.
This is how I create fantasy worlds from "real" photos.

Created by dreams, inspirations, by expanding the role of the pure observer.
And so I reflect my creativity and personality in a holistic image.
The coming together of the most diverse structures, colors, content and lights does not happen by chance, but often follows one
exact target. Unique collages are created, which let the mainly abstract "speed camera" and references of well-known motifs shine through.
With my work I achieve an expansion and distillation of observations, reproductions, experiences, musicality, artistic inspiration, daring and future visions.
With my work I want to make my heartbeat visible - with everything that influences it.
Most photos are taken with a smartphone. In addition, I sometimes add a digitally created background or an analogue background made with watercolors and other drawing and painting utensils.

This then yields the collages that are in
Photoshop to be created.
I see my artistic path in the transformation of
Photography to unique new visual worlds.


Hans Christian Barth

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